Akuvox Smart Intercom Solution Meets Cosmopolitan Lifestyles

The Situation

The 88AVENUE luxury residential project in Surabaya, Indonesia was co-developed by Darmo Permai, one of the real estate pioneers in Surabaya, and Waskita Karya, currently the biggest contractor in Indonesia with market capitalization of 17 trillion rupiah. Even after four decades' establishment, Darmo Permai's commitment remains the same, to provide a high quality residential and commercial properties, and to preserve high growth value in investment for their clients. With this mind, 88AVENUE was positioned to be the new international destination of Surabaya, targeting international communities like expatriates. When searching for the best intercom for the project, Darmo Permai expected a system to both meet cosmopolitan lifestyles and bring comfortable living to the residents.

The Solution

The Akuvox' smart intercom solution had everything it required for a modern and stylish intercom system. It consisted of a 7” touchscreen door phone-R29 that provides cutting-edge door entry by facial recognition or NFC, a touchscreen indoor monitor-C313S that offers excellent audio and video communication quality and an Android IP video phone-R48G as a property management unit for easy communication with the resident. Akuvox R29S were deployed at the entrance of eight beautifully-crafted buildings. With an Android-based operating system, it requires minimum training for the resident to learn to use the device. Residents enjoy seamless and secure building entry experience thanks to the flexible access control methods offered by R29S, including facial recognition, NFC and RF cards. R29S is an equally visitor-friendly device. With a pre-imported contact list of the resident, visitors can look up the room number to call by themselves.

The Akuvox C313S touchscreen indoor monitor were installed in 866 apartments. Working with the R29 door phone, it brings much convenience and peace of mind to residents. Upon receiving an incoming call from the door phone, residents can use the indoor monitor to see and talk to the visitors before remotely granting or denying door entry. Residents can also stream the live video of outdoor environments. The R48G Android IP video phone with a 7” touch screen and a 2MP camera was installed in the property management room. Together with the door phone and indoor monitor, it forms a complete communication between residents, visitors and property management. The resident can communicate their daily needs like booking repair appointments by sending an audio/video call or a text message to the property manager.

The Results

Stylish, feature-rich and easy-to-use, the Akuvox smart intercom solution aligns with the luxury positioning of the 88AVENUE. It has been proved to increase the value of properties, allow the resident to enjoy smart living and offer visitors perfect user experience.