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  • Akuvox Smart Intercom for Residential Community Retrofitting at the Pavilia Hill in Hong Kong SAR
Akuvox Smart Intercom for Residential Community Retrofitting at the Pavilia Hill in Hong Kong SAR

The Situation

The Pavilia Hill is a large-scale residential project completed by New World Development in North Point Mid-Levels, Hong Kong SAR. It comprises 5 residential towers with a total of 358 units. Faced with technical issues, functional limitations, and maintenance challenges, the existing intercom system required an upgrade and a seamless installation without disrupting residents’ routines. It needed a smart video intercom system that offered high-quality communication for residents and a sophisticated access control system for property management to monitor the overall situation of the building and ensure security. The challenge lay in integrating these technological advancements while preserving the residential interior design’s aesthetic integrity.

The Solution

In this project, Akuvox delivers a robust smart video intercom system to clients, comprising Akuvox S567W indoor monitors, R29C-L door phones, R49G SIP video phones, and the SmartPlus app for both residents and the property management team. This setup facilitates quick deployment and ease of use, enabling seamless communication from residential building gates to residents’ homes and efficient connection with the property management team for maintenance services. Comprehensive Smart Video Intercom System for Residents The S567W, a high-performance version was chosen, boasting a powerful Android 12 OS for better scalability and Wi-Fi 6 for higher data transfer speeds. The high openness of the Android 12 OS allows S567 to be integrated with mainstream smart home systems. S567W allows residents to effortlessly stream live videos of the door phone and surveillance cameras. It also features dual mics and quad speakers, offering HD audio quality, and a special feature of a voice changer to enhance security. The R29C-L door phone offers diverse authentication methods such as facial recognition, QR codes, Bluetooth, NFC, PINs or RFID cards, ensuring a convenient entry experience for users of all ages. Both systems feature large touchscreens and user-friendly interfaces tailored to local preferences, delivering an advanced and comprehensive intercom experience.

Streamlined and Value-Added Property Service To enhance property management services, Akuvox introduced the R49G. As a SIP-based Android video phone with a 7-inch touchscreen, it serves the concierge service and management office across the five residential buildings at Pavilia Hill. The versatile features of the Akuvox R49G allow property managers to open building gates remotely for visitors during calls, stream surveillance videos from a door phone camera, check alarm logs, and initiate SMS group messages. It enables call forwarding, allowing concierge officers to redirect calls during temporary absences, ensuring no residential calls go unanswered, and elevating service quality. These functionalities collectively strengthen connections and communication within the community. Easy Retrofitting, Less Wiring, and Ease of Use The S567W (Wi-Fi) and R29C-L (LTE) versions, paired with the SmartPlus App for cloud-based services, significantly minimize installation time. Both Wi-Fi and LTE modules facilitate easy network connectivity, eliminating the need for complex setups and wiring. The retrofitting occurred in two phases: the first phase installed R29C-L door phones, and the second phase installed S567W indoor monitors. The R29C-L door phones, combined with Akuvox SmartPlus cloud-based service, ensure smooth functionality upon installation for a seamless and user-friendly experience. The SmartPlus app, compatible with both IOS and Android smartphones, offers features like video preview, calling, door unlocking, temporary keys, notifications, and door release logs. Residents can conveniently access various smart functions from their smartphones, staying informed about visitor arrivals, property management notifications, and their residential environment. The app also enables property managers to conduct video calls, respond to maintenance demands, and issue urgent notifications in a mobile format.

The Results

Through the introduction of Akuvox’s advanced intercom technologies and innovative solutions, the installation team has completed the upgrade and renovation plan while ensuring a seamless completion and minimizing disruption to residents’ daily lives. As a result, the community’s property management has been streamlined, enhanced, and secured; stronger connections and communication among residents have been forged.