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  • Akuvox Smart Intercom Offers 4G Solution and Dual-Door Control for Gated Bungalow Community in London
Akuvox Smart Intercom Offers 4G Solution and Dual-Door Control for Gated Bungalow Community in London

The Situation

Greyhound Grove, located in the picturesque rural village of North Ockendon, Upminster, is an exclusive collection of fourteen luxury detached and semi-detached bungalows. Each aspect of this premise has been meticulously planned to create the most coveted high-end gated community. The project faced multiple challenges, for example, the wiring and installation were difficult as the gate lacks cable infrastructure; the door phone had to be multi-functional to support dual door control for both pedestrians and vehicles through a single door phone device; the products selected must also be aesthetically appealing to align with its high-end positioning given its location in a beautiful rural setting.

The Solution

For the Greyhound Grove bungalow community project, Akuvox has implemented a smart intercom solution featuring the X912S Smart Door Phone and a 4G router at the gate wall. The wiring and installation challenge was solved by the X912’s capability of seamlessly connecting to and operating via Ethernet. This setup allows for smooth entry for both pedestrians and private cars, including remote door control and making video calls to the fourteen homes via the SmartPlus App. 1. IP-Based Solution Requiring Minimal Wiring The Greyhound Grove bungalow community lacks concealed cables for door phone installation at the gate. Considering that deploying exposed cables would damage the wall surface, the Akuvox team opted for IP-based methods during deployment, and installed a 4G router at the gate, enabling the Ethernet-compatible X912 to transmit data via an IP network. This IP-based solution maintains the bungalow gate’s integrity while ensuring optimal door phone performance and smooth entry. Akuvox Smart Intercom consistently provides flexible solutions to meet clients’ specific requirements.

2. Dedicated Door Control The Akuvox X912 Smart Door Phone features two output relays, allowing for control of two door openers — one for pedestrians and one for vehicles. This configuration enables dual door control through a single door phone device installed on the gate wall. The bungalow gate, with its two passages, utilizes the X912's capabilities differently for pedestrians and vehicles. The X912 offers a range of convenient door-opening methods to suit residents' preferences. Options include BLE proximity, face recognition, QR codes, app access, and card reading with PIN. For vehicle access, the cloud-based remote door opening via the SmartPlus App is particularly convenient. Residents can fully enjoy the door phone functions through the SmartPlus App, including answering video calls and viewing clear videos of visitors, thanks to the dual Starlight 2M pixel cameras on the X912. 3. High-End Product Design The Akuvox X912 Smart Door Phone is renowned for its exceptional design. Its clear-cut rectangular outline, brushed metal color, and sensitive touch keypad without mechanical buttons on the panel give the X912 with a sense of rationality and modernity. The use of 316-grade stainless steel as the material choice ensures exceptional quality, perfectly suited for high-end bungalows. Additionally, the X912 is rated IP65 and IK10, making it suitable for outdoor use in the gate area, where it may be exposed to rain, dust, or vandalism. Akuvox has endeavored to ensure its products complement the target project's exterior and interior design, as well as its environment. This effort is evident in the compelling aesthetic design of its products, which has been recognized with a full collection of top industrial design awards.

The Results

In conclusion, the Akuvox Smart Intercom has effectively concluded the project by enabling IP-based installation, dual door control, and excellent product design. The gate now features a smart door phone that is installed without complicated or disruptive wiring, providing stable multi-door control and various door opening methods to meet the project's requirements. Furthermore, the door phone meets the aesthetic requirements, blending traditional elegance with high-end modernity seamlessly.