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  • Akuvox's Awarding-winning Intercom Solution Brings Higher Data Security to A Community of Iraq
Akuvox's Awarding-winning Intercom Solution Brings Higher Data Security to A Community of Iraq

The Situation

Ganjan Life is a large high-end community with thousands of apartments and a variety of amenities, such as parking lots and shopping centers. With a privileged location, the project was designed to offer residents a comfortable and carefree lifestyle by combining functional and artistic modern architecture. The project developer required a stylish and state-of-the-art intercom system to match the prestigious positioning of the community. And since it involves a huge number of doors and households, it is imperative that the solution should be easy to manage for the property management team.

The Solution

Both the apartment building entrances and the underground parking lots of each building required door communication and access control. Akuvox's X9158-inch touchscreen door phone and E12 single-button door phone, whose designs were recognized in international awards like the iF Design Award, were selected. The developer appreciated the overall clean-line design of X915 and the cutting-edge and high-quality look and feel brought by its glossy screen and metallic frame. Residents enjoy simple, frictionless property access through door phones. Both door intercoms offer multiple access control methods, such as mobile access and traditional cards, and X915 even allows door entry via face recognition and QR codes. With so many options available, residents in different age groups can always use one that fits their habits or different scenarios. Moreover, X915 passed the lK10 rating-the highest impact protection rating in the industry. This means that property managers can save much maintenance effort daily, as the device is rugged enough to withstand vandalism.

Given the huge scale of the community, the developer specified the need for an easy-to-use management system. And data security was given much importance, because the residents, who are mostly young people, have a strong awareness of privacy protection. Akuvox's on-premise management software, SDMC, was the perfect solution. With the SDMC installed on their PC, property managers can manage all devices effortlessly and remotely from their offices without attending the sites. Some of the features include door-unlocking for visitors, building entrance monitoring, and serving ads via an Akuvox indoor monitor installed in every apartment. With the whole system operated through the local network, it also relieved the residents' worry about the security of their personal data since all user and device data were stored and backed up locally.

The Results

Akuvox's smart intercom solution managed by its on-premise software keeps with the high-end positioning of the Ganjan Life project and helps boost the property's competitiveness on the market.All stakeholders are pleased with the solution. Residents enjoy a smart building living experience and peace of mind about their privacy. The operation of a large system with a huge number of doors and users is a breeze for the property management team, reducing their management costs.