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Smart Intercom & Lock Integration Simplified Management of A Rental Apartment Building in Japan

The Situation

Hanazono 5cho-me Mansion is a newly constructed apartment building located in the bustling city of Kumamoto, Japan. The apartments are available for lease and have been attracting numerous visitors who seek comfortable living environments. However, the owner was overwhelmed by the apartment tours and was concerned about the time and effort required to issue keys or cards to new tenants. So he was looking for an intercom solution that could streamline both apartment tours and daily access management while providing tenants with a secure and convenient way to enter their units.

The Solution

After evaluating several options, the building owner chose Akuvox’s intercom solution which brings cardless access control methods through easy Bluetooth-based integration with the smart lock system he adopted. The integration allowed tenants to unlock their apartment doors with more flexibility. Akuvox’s solution also included an R29C door phone at the building entrance, a C313W indoor monitor for each apartment, and a web portal for property access management. The building owner expressed satisfaction with Akuvox’s intercom solution which eliminates the need for physical keys and cards. The solution enables self-guided apartment tours by allowing the owner to generate temporary QR codes through Akuvox’s web portal and a numeric password from the smart lock’s portal for prospective tenants. These temporary credentials enable them to enter the building via the R29C door phone and a specific apartment via the smart lock respectively. As there’s no need to be on-site, the building owner can save significant time and effort.

Besides, the cardless door-unlocking methods have addressed the owner’s concern over credential duplication, as well as the handling of lost, stolen, and found access cards. Furthermore, it’s now a simple process for the owner to update tenants’ profiles and grant them access credentials remotely on Akuvox’s web portal. The property security was increased while the costs became lower. For tenants of Hanazono 5cho-me Mansion, the integration between E12 and the smart locks provided a cardless and touchless entry experience. As soon as an individual is authenticated through NFC or the SmartPlus app, the E12 door phone will seamlessly trigger the smart lock via BLE to unlock the apartment door, which eliminates the trouble of fumbling for keys. Additionally, as the proud winner of the iF Design Award, the Akuvox E12 door phone has added to the building’s modern style with its minimalist design and compact size.

The Results

The management of visitors was made easy by Akuvox’s intercom solution as well. Through crystal-clear video communication on C313W indoor monitors or Akuvox's SmartPlus app, tenants can see and talk to visitors before granting or denying access. The remote access control feature of the SmartPlus app proved highly convenient when tenants are away from home, offering them greater control over who enters the building.