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Akuvox smart intercom solution is good news for global population aging. It converges latest technologies, including SIP, Android and AI, to bring greater safety, trust and security to older people.

● Greater safety and security, and more convenience for the elderly

● Enhance operational efficiencies and reduce the service cost for care providers

System Overview

Solution Features

  • Fast and Reliable Emergency Calling

    The intercom system is seamlessly integrated with a telecare monitoring center. 100% transmission of the SOS signal reaches the monitoring center with < 10 seconds’ signal delay.

  • Flexible Emergency Calling Methods

    Use the touchscreen of the indoor monitor, the voice of a resident or a telecare pendant to make an emergency call.

  • Home Alarm Integration

    The indoor monitor is connected with various emergency sensors, such as door magnet and smoke detector. When a sensor is activated, the indoor monitor automatically raises an alert to the monitoring center, leading to greater home security.

  • Mobility Features

    The smart intercom offers a certain level of mobility for the elderly. The telecare pendant is programmed to be able to unlock doors remotely and a Bluetooth speaker allows the elderly to answer calls remotely.

  • Easy-to-use system

    For the elderly, the whole system like the simple UI of the indoor monitor is easy to learn. For care providers, the system can be remotely operated and maintained from PC.

  • Future-proof

    It is easy to upgrade the system with new devices or new features, thanks to the openness of smart intercom system.

System Structure

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