Smart Intercom Takes Parking Business to the Next Level

The Situation

Q-Park is the leading parking business in Sweden, with approximately 300,000 parking spaces divided on 1,600 parking facilities across the country. Its parking services span from renting out parking spaces and parking surveillance to maintaining complete parking facilities. In order to make its parking solution smarter in terms of security, communication and information sharing, Q-Park turned to Axessa, one of Akuvox's partners in Sweden, for an easy-to-install, -use and -maintain system, which incorporates the latest technologies.

The Solution

Axessa came up with an ingenious cloud solution using Akuvox R29 Android door phone for parking facility management. The smart intercom featuring multiple access control methods like facial recognition, a 7” touch screen and ease of integration with 3rd-party systems was placed at the entrance of thirty-five parking garages and connected to the Q-park parking system via the Axessa cloud.

When arriving at a Q-park garage gate, drivers can easily check available parking space on R29. For registered users, they can enter the parking lot by one of the door entry methods offered by R29 including facial recognition, RF cards and NFC. When users need any assistance from the Q-park team, an emergency video call can be initiated, which allows Q-park to analyze the situation and offer help remotely without attending the site.

The Results

By incorporating the latest technology like cloud and facial recognition, Q-park has taken its parking service to the next level. This all-in-one system means more convenience and better facility using experience to the users. By working independently by itself without the need of any onsite staff, it also saves operational costs for Q-park.