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  • Streamlined Gate Control: Smart Intercom Solution Enhances a Belgian Farm's Security and Convenience
Streamlined Gate Control: Smart Intercom Solution Enhances a Belgian Farm's Security and Convenience

The Situation

The local farm faces a substantial amount of traffic due to constant milk collection from trucks arriving and departing at all hours. The farm owner has been burdened with the task of manually opening the gate for these trucks, which becomes particularly troublesome during his sleep at night. To alleviate this issue and ensure the farm's security remains uncompromised, the owner sought an efficient access control solution.

The Solution

The owner chose Akuvox's cloud-based SmartPlus intercom solution to streamline his daily operation and ensure property access security. An Akuvox X912 video door phone was installed at the gate of the farm, while the owner’s house was equipped with an Akuvox touchscreen indoor monitor. The best part of this solution lies in the Akuvox SmartPlus app, which enables a wide range of intercom and access control features, especially the virtual key feature. Through the Akuvox SmartPlus app, the farm owner gains the ability to generate time-limited virtual keys for truck drivers well in advance. These virtual keys empower the drivers to access the farm independently by using the X912 door phone at specified time. This innovative feature proves especially valuable during nighttime milk collection, ensuring the owner can rest peacefully while the farm's operations proceed smoothly according to plan. With the seamless and secure self-service entry system in place, the farm's efficiency is further enhanced, and the owner's convenience is prioritized.

With Akuvox's solution in place, the farm owner bids farewell to the hassle of physically opening the gate multiple times a day for visitors. The time-consuming process is now replaced with a seamless and efficient system. Whenever a visitor initiates a call from the X912 at the gate, the owner can conveniently preview the live video stream and grant access right from his fingertips, using either the SmartPlus app or the indoor monitor. Given the noise level on the farm, ensuring the door phone's ring is clearly heard became a priority. To address this, the integration of a gong and a web relay was introduced. Now, when someone makes a call on the door phone, the X912 triggers an action URL that sends an HTTP command to the web relay, producing a distinct gong sound. This notification system ensures that the farmer is promptly informed of any visitors, regardless of his location on the farm.

The Results

The Akuvox SmartPlus intercom solution has enhanced the convenience of access control and bolstered the overall security of this farm, providing the owner with a much-needed sense of peace. "I love this intercom system. I'm not a technical guy but now with Akuvox's SmartPlus app, I can manage the gate of my farm effortlessly and remotely. The virtual key feature is simply fantastic; it allows me to enjoy peaceful nights as the truck drivers can now independently open the gate themselves." stated the owner.