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  • IPark Apartment in Seoul Used Akuvox SmartPlus to Improve User Experience and Management Efficiency
IPark Apartment in Seoul Used Akuvox SmartPlus to Improve User Experience and Management Efficiency

The Situation

The IPark apartments launched by Hyundai Development Company are committed to making apartments more than a place to live but a place to create a new lifestyle for residents. However, as time went by, the IPark apartment buildings located in Sangye, Seoul, had to face the problem of “aging”. Residents were complaining about the deteriorating intercom system of their buildings. The increasing malfunctions, the worn-out buttons and the humming noise of the door intercom troubled them a lot. Meanwhile, the property manager craved a convenient system to help with daily property access management. There was an urgent need for a smarter property access solution.

The Solution

The IPark apartments chose Akuvox SmartPlus, the cloud-based intercom solution to handle this access control and security challenge. Akuvox X912 video door phone is installed at the entrance of each apartment building and the property manager has Akuvox R48G IP video phones in his office. This solution also includes a web portal that allows remote property access management. Moreover, the Akuvox SmartPlus App is available on every resident’s mobile phone, offering them rich intercom and access control features on the go. IPark apartments are proud of the new door intercom which is visually appealing and stunningly robust. IP65 and IK10 rated, X912 is durable against harsh weather and most vandalism. “It is an elegant design. The clear-cut lines and the touch keypad reflect a sense of modernity. It comes up to my expectation of a delicate lifestyle. ” Said Jonathan, one of the residents.

The Akuvox SmartPlus solution also caters to the user habits of different residents. Thanks to the tech-forward access control methods supported by X912, such as face recognition, residents can get access permissions without taking physical credentials. Users like mothers adore the hands-free Bluetooth feature which allows them to enter the building seamlessly with the mobile phone in their pocket or bag when they are holding babies. For those who are accustomed to traditional methods, they can choose to use RF cards or input PIN codes as well. In addition, residents can verify the visitors’ identities through crystal-clear video communications on the SmartPlus app before buzzing them in via a tap on the unlock button. For the property manager of IPark apartment, it is much easier and more effective to manage property access across multiple apartment buildings with the new system. All the apartment buildings were put under one account, so through Akuvox’s all-in-one web portal, the manager can carry out all maintenance tasks remotely, such as checking the working status of X912, auditing door release logs, and updating resident profiles. When residents or visitors issue an audio/video call from the door intercom, he can pick it up on the R48G IP video phone and give an instant response.

The Results

The residents and the property manager of IPark apartments are glad to see their buildings rejuvenated by Akuvox SmartPlus - the cloud-based intercom solution. Residents are satisfied with the more convenient and secure building entry experience, and the property manager highly appreciates the easy-to-manage system. IPark apartment continues to create enjoyable and comfortable living experiences for its residents.