Property Management Made Easy with Everything on the Cloud

The Situation

A property management company owns many apartment buildings for renting in New York City. One of their headaches with managing these buildings is that with tenants moving in and moving out frequently, lots of RF cards for the access control system are not handed over by the old tenants, posing potential security risks to current building occupants. In addition, tenants complained about the poor communication quality of the existing system.

The Solution

With Akuvox’s cloud-based smart intercom solution, all problems were solved. The solution was quite simple, consisting of the Android door phone-Akuvox R29C, the Akuvox SmartPlus mobile intercom app replacing the traditional indoor answering unit and an all-in-one web management portal, which Akuvox specially designed for property personnel.

The Akuvox property management connected different residential buildings spreading across the city under one management portal. Via the portal, the property manager could remotely manage all intercom devices and the tenant, and conduct door release audit with ease. For example, when a tenant moves out, the property manager just needs to modify the resident's profile. Then all access permissions related to this particular resident, such as RF cards and PIN codes, can be revoked immediately through the web portal.

The Results

The property management company is very satisfied with the solution. Property management is made easy with everything on the cloud. And with tech-forward door phone and rich intercom features easily accessible from a smart phone, the solution offers a new selling point for their business.