Cloud-based Solution Brings Ease and Security to Single-family Houses

The Situation

A large family living in New York was looking for an intercom system for their house. In their house, lots of advanced system are installed, such as home automation system and CCTV system, as the father of the house is a big fan for new technologies. He tried many analog and traditional IP-based intercom systems in the past, which were finally abandoned by them. These systems provide only audio communication and cannot work with existing security or smart home systems. The situation changed when Akuvox’s smart cloud intercom service was introduced into the family through one of Akuvox’s dealers.

The Solution

The solution selected mainly consisted of Akuvox R20A featuring a 3MP camera and a single call button and Akuvox SmartPlus mobile intercom app, which are connected to Akuvox Cloud. Two R20As were installed, one at the front door and the other at the backyard door. All family members had the SmartPlus app installed on their smart phones, which works seamlessly with the door phone. Cloud-based, the solution provided the family members with rich intercom features on the go. Simply using the SmartPlus app on their smart phones, they can see and talk to visitors, unlock doors, check on the front and the rear door and create one-time temporary key for service providers. Even they are travelling in places thousands of miles away from home, they still get to access all these features with their mobiles.

The family also chose to install a total of six Akuvox C315W Android indoor monitors both downstairs and upstairs. They provide not only easy way for room-to-room communication, but also great expandability for the in-house systems integration. Android- and SIP-based, C315W is capable of streaming the live video from the video surveillance cameras installed in and around the house, and with the smart home app installed, it also serves as a smart home control panel.

The Results

The solution makes lives easier and securer for the family. With Akuvox's cloud intercom service, it's like they are carrying their home with them everywhere they go, while at home, the whole house is linked together through the indoor monitors and they only have one device to deal with all home technologies.