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  • Smart Intercom Ensures Fast, Frictionless Access for Multiple Logistic Warehouses throughout the UK
Smart Intercom Ensures Fast, Frictionless Access for Multiple Logistic Warehouses throughout the UK

The Situation

Yusen Logistics (UK) is a supply chain provider, which offers complete supply chain solutions utilizing high-quality infrastructure and modern facilities to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers. With an expanding number of logistics warehouses throughout the UK and rapidly increasing volumes of goods and traffic, Yusen Logistics is looking for a high-quality and highly efficient intercom communication and access control system for its sites.

The Solution

The solution for this roll-out project features Akuvox R29C face recognition intercoms mounted on multi-level gooseneck posts. The post will be installed at all security access points throughout each logistic warehouse. And the warehouse security office will be equipped with the Akuvox R48G Android IP video phone.

The R29C intercom is perfect for high-traffic sites and harsh outdoor environments. Offering multiple identity authentication options, such as face recognition, NFC, and PIN codes, it delivers fast, seamless, and secure access for haulage vehicles and personnel without the need for human intervention. Relying on its high IP and IK ratings and using a rain hood, it is suitable for various weather conditions and a good fit for the warehouses, which tend to accumulate all sorts of grit, grime, and dirt from things like the wheels of delivery trucks. The work of security staff is made easy with the R48G IP video phone. Together with R29C, it allows the security staff to have remote video calls with drivers at traffic security barriers. Since all Akuvox products are based on SIP technologies, the communication is smooth and intelligible even in a noisy place like the warehouse. In this way, the security personnel can provide timely instruction and access control to the drivers without actually attending the site.

The Results

Offering fast, accurate and frictionless access, Akuvox’s smart intercom solution helps enhance the operational efficiency of Yusen Logistics’ warehouses by managing high-volume personnel, goods, and haulage vehicles automatically, which also saves much labor cost for the company.