Android Door Phone Helps Create More Revenues for Sports Facilities

The Situation

Mycourt is the market's most advanced booking system for sports facility. The Mycourt app allows its users to keep track of times, book a coach or find a partner. Considering the case that some people go to gym or do sports in early mornings or late nights when sports halls do not open at those particular time, Mycourt is looking for a solution to help sports hall extend their opening time.

The Solution

Axessa, one of Akuvox's partners in Sweden, came up with an ingenious cloud solution for sports hall management. Axessa developed an API connection between the Mycourt cloud and the Axessa cloud. The Akuvox R29 smart door phone featuring easy-to-navigate Android interface, built-in access control function and ease of integration with 3rd-party systems was placed at the entrance of fifteen sports halls and connected to the system via the Axessa cloud.

When users make a booking and pay for the court directly in their Mycourt apps, the booking information is also sent to the Axessa cloud. After processing, the cloud sends a time-limited private key for door entry to users, which they can later use on R29 to access sport halls at the booked date and time.

The Results

Akuvox smart door phone helps make it possible for unattended gyms to operate outside the regular business hours, offering a new revenue stream to sports hall management companies. And needless to say, it greatly increases the level of customer satisfaction by allowing customers to exercise their body and enjoy the fun of sports at their convenience.