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  • Smart Intercom Helps Czech Real Estate Developer, Trigema, Deliver Smart, High-quality Living
Smart Intercom Helps Czech Real Estate Developer, Trigema, Deliver Smart, High-quality Living

The Situation

A respected player in the Prague real estate development market with more than 25 years' history, Trigema is dedicated to creating smart housing for future generations. The Nová "Nuselská" apartment project, which comprises three separate structures providing a total of 146 apartments, is a new addition to Trigema's Smart Living concept. Trigema specified the requirement for a tech-forward building intercom solution that aligns with its Smart Living concept and is compatible with the CETIN network in place.

The Solution

Trigema chose Akuvox's smart intercom solution for its tech-forward features and openness for integration. It consists of multi-tenant building intercoms, apartment door intercoms, Android indoor monitors, and mobile intercom apps. And all devices have proven to be fully interoperable with the CETIN network, making it easy for CETIN to introduce new services to the residents via Akuvox's smart intercoms in the future. The cutting-edge building intercoms enhance the property's curb appeal and provide multi-layer security to the residents. Each entrance - a total of nine gates and one entrance to the garage - is equipped with an Akuvox R29S Door Phone. It provides several advanced access control methods like face recognition and NFC, bringing a seamless building entry experience to the resident. All apartment doors are equipped with the Akuvox E11R single-button intercom, which serves as RFID readers for access control. The whole system allows residents to move freely in their sections of the complex.

Located in each apartment, the Akuvox C315S Android Indoor Monitor is a cost-effective addition to the solution. It is easy to learn and use as an indoor answering interface and offers various intercom features like video calling, building entrance monitoring, and remote access. It also functions as a home automation control panel. Fibaro's smart home application is installed on C315S for effortless smart home integration. With C315, residents can access both intercom and smart home from one single interface. The solution takes the user experience to the next level by equipping residents with the SmartPlus App, Akuvox's cloud-based intercom app. Through the app, residents can access all intercom devices even while they are at work or traveling so that they will never miss any visitors or delivery.

The Results

Akuvox's smart intercom solution perfectly reflects the essence of Trigema's Smart Living concept. It helps create a modern building that provides a secure, convenient, and intelligent building living experience. "We were impressed by the overall system solution and products of the Akuvox company and the possibilities of their practical use in the daily life of our clients in the "Nová Nuselská" project. The reactions of our clients after moving in confirmed that our decision to use the Akuvox system was clearly the right choice", said Erik B?ezina, Project Manager of Nová Nuselská.