Europe Unauthorized Online Reseller List

For customers to receive the best user experience of our products and professional service with technical support from us and our authorized distributors, we urge you to purchase Akuvox products online only through authorized sources.

Effective Date Name of Online Reseller Website Address/Amazon ID
2020-1-1 Innet 24
2020-1-1 IP&Go
2020-1-1 MAXICT
2020-1-1 ptp-innovations
2020-1-1 mercateo
2020-1-1 Lieske Industry Electronics
2020-1-1 ITboost
2020-1-1 VOIPBAY
2020-1-1 trovaprezzi
2020-1-1 Shoppydoo
2020-3-27 Kommago
2024-03-18 DectDirect
2024-03-18 EC System
2024-07-01 digitec

Note: Akuvox reserves the rights to update the above list at any time. If you have any doubts, please contact us by sending emails to