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Akuvox Product Launch Event 2024 — Springing into New Horizons Wrapped Up


Xiamen, China, Mar. 26, 2024 - The Akuvox Company has recently wrapped up its product launch event, with multiple competitive products and solutions being released.



Retrofitting-Friendly Smart Video Door Phone S532

In the door phone product line, there is the S532. The S532 is a sleek upgrade from the Akuvox R27, offering a 2.8-inch screen and an intuitive keypad interface. While the R27 served millions of residents, the S532 meets the demand for more advanced features.


The S532 has an upgrade of look design, featuring a refined size, 24mm narrower than the R27, making it ideal for limited installation spaces. Constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy, it boasts impressive IP66 and IK08 ratings, ensuring durability in extreme conditions.


As for the performance, the S532, with a 170-degree ultra-wide-angle LCD screen and Bluetooth 5.0, offers clear visibility and contactless entry. Its two-megapixel camera and 3D motion detection set new standards for security, ensuring expanded monitoring angles.


The S532 is also retrofit-friendly, easily upgrading older buildings to smart intercom technology without costly rewiring. Property managers can monitor, maintain, and upgrade the S532 remotely.


“The S532 embodies our commitment to enhancing people's quality of life. With its launch, Akuvox's smart intercom solutions will cater to a broader range of building types and applications, ushering in a new era of intelligent living.” Product Manager Zhitao says.

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10-inch Linux SIP Video Indoor Monitor S565

As for the indoor monitor product line, Akuvox Smart Intercom launched the S series indoor monitors in 2023 and positioned them as technologically fashionable. The S567, the first product in the series, won wide acclaim for its performance and design, including the Red Dot Design Award. Since then, it has been installed in projects worldwide, reflecting the market’s demand for high-end indoor monitors.


To meet the demand for a similar design at a more moderate price, Akuvox introduces the S565 indoor monitor. Built on the S567's design, it features a different hardware solution with the Linux system, tailored for the mid-range market.


The S565 merges classic aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, offering a simple and elegant appearance that seamlessly integrates into various interior design styles. Its 10-inch 1280 x 800 resolution IPS screen delivers a sharper, more detailed display with a wide viewing angle of up to 160 degrees. In terms of audio performance, the S565 features a dual-microphone setup for enhanced clarity and a forward-facing hidden speaker design for improved volume and sound quality.


“As Akuvox Smart Intercom rolls out the S565, it bridges a gap in Akuvox’s product lineup by offering a large-sized indoor monitor tailored for the mid-range market.” Product Manager Edward says.

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Palm-Size Control Terminal A08

The A08 access control terminal is tailor-made for multi-residential buildings, villas, and commercial offices. Since the launch of our A0X series, widely deployed in various settings, Akuvox has noticed the need for a compact, versatile access control system. Thus, there is the A08, designed to elevate property value in upscale communities and office buildings.


Measuring only 50mm wide, smaller than most smartphones, it's ideal for limited spaces, protruding just 15mm when in-wall mounted. Its design features a glossy circular glass panel contrasted with a rectangular frame, blending modern elegance with cutting-edge tech. Crafted with brushed aluminum alloy and tempered glass, the A08 ensures durability and displays modern elegance. Its dynamic LED design adds a visual delight, making every door opening a moment of joy.


Beyond its looks, the A08 is built to last, boasting the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes, achieving a high IK09 anti-vandalism rating.


Functionally, the A08 integrates various access control technologies, supporting RFID cards, NFC, PIN codes, BLE, and QR codes, offering unmatched flexibility. Its QR code recognition feature enables quick and convenient visitor access, reducing management costs.


The A08 also features the Bluetooth Tap to Open technology, allowing users to use their smartphones as access cards. The touch keypad design, invisible until approached, ensures user convenience and energy efficiency.


“In summary, the A08 is more than a door guardian; it's a masterpiece of technology coexisting with human spaces. Installers and integrators benefit from its PoE support, power supply options, and easy integration with third-party systems.” Product Director Terry says.

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