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Akuvox SmartPlus Works with Rent Manager Property Management Software


Xiamen, China, Oct 2023 Akuvox SmartPlus, the cloud-based smart intercom solution, has seamlessly integrated with Rent Manager, a distinguished property management software, facilitating remote access control management for property owners and managers.


Rent Manager stands out as an industry-leading property management software tailored for mid to large-size property owners. It serves as a comprehensive platform for property managers, offering efficient services encompassing tenant management, lease management, financial oversight, maintenance work order management, and more. Despite its extensive capabilities, property managers utilizing Rent Manager often find the need for integrated smart access control and a smart intercom service.


Addressing this need, Akuvox SmartPlus, the cloud-based smart intercom, has been incorporated into the Rent Manager service platform, enhancing the spectrum of property management services. During the setup phase, property owners and managers simply link their Rent Manager accounts with Akuvox SmartPlus, and the synchronization occurs seamlessly. Newly added tenant accounts in the Rent Manager database are automatically mirrored in Akuvox SmartPlus, with access credentials generated in the sync process. This streamlined approach enables property owners and managers to manage a single database effortlessly.


For property managers, optimizing time and resources is pivotal in their day-to-day operations, especially when overseeing larger projects. This integration proves advantageous by reducing repetitive tasks and labor costs associated with managing and updating multiple databases. It eliminates the need to toggle between different systems and ensures swift and accurate distribution and collection of access credentials during lease signing and termination, mitigating human errors and enhancing the overall rental and access experience.


Akuvox offers a diverse range of smart intercom products and solutions tailored to meet a myriad of needs. Akuvox Smart Intercom plays a pivotal role in enhancing communication, extending from community gates to homeowners' rooms, and it also ensures property security by offering advanced access methods such as facial recognition, smartphone apps, and voice assistants, preventing key replication and unauthorized access. The synergy between Akuvox and Rent Manager provides property managers with access to both property management software and a smart intercom and access control platform, enhancing operational effectiveness. On the community front, it elevates the overall living experience for residents and adds intrinsic value to the property.


Sonia Zhang, Akuvox's Manager of Strategic Alliance, expressed, "Through the exceptional service and technology provided by Akuvox, coupled with its integration with Rent Manager, property management service providers are poised to benefit significantly from improved efficiency and heightened property value." 


About Rent Manager

Rent Manager is proven property management software for companies that handle real estate portfolios of every type and size. With complete accounting and reporting resources, intuitive marketing and mobile tools, comprehensive work order and management capabilities, and an ever-growing network of integrated technology providers, Rent Manager is the one software you need to continue building your exceptional business.


About Akuvox

Akuvox is a global leading provider of smart intercom and smart home products and solutions. It is committed to unleashing the power of technologies to improve people's lives with better communication, greater security, and more convenience. Encompassing artificial intelligence, SIP, Android, cloud, security, and other advanced technologies, Akuvox continuously drives breakthrough changes in the industry and creatively delivers an unrivaled portfolio of smart intercom and smart home products and solutions. It has been deployed and used daily in more than 110 countries and regions, meeting customer needs in various vertical markets that range from residential to commercial, from healthcare to public safety.

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