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Reunite x Advance: A Recap of Akuvox Global Partner Summit 2023


Xiamen, China, Oct. 27, 2023 - Akuvox has witnessed the exponential growth of its partner network, and the company was thrilled to host this year’s partner summit in Shenzhen, China. The event has seen an unprecedented number of global partners from various countries convened, marking a significant milestone.

This grand event served as a platform for Akuvox executives, partners, and industry peers to reconnect, foster new relations, and collectively chart a path forward. What made this event special was its role as a catalyst for fresh beginnings, providing an ideal opportunity to explore the vast potential of a smarter future, aligned with this year’s theme, “Reunite and Advance.” During the first day’s sessions, participants were treated to executive addresses on product roadmaps, exploration of new market sectors, development strategies, and front-tier technologies to explore, etc.; fellow partners shared their success stories and engaged in insightful discussions about industry trends.

Let’s revisit the highlights of Akuvox’s Global Partner Summit and the insights it unveiled:

In an inspiring address by Akuvox’s visionary CEO, Michael Yuan, he emphasized the importance of keeping family-like relationships with partners. Michael stated, “In today’s fiercely competitive landscape, characterized by innovation races, upgrades, price wars, ecosystem expansion, global economic challenges, and ‘black swan’ events, we must forge more robust and dependable relationships to not only thrive but go further.” He firmly believes that fostering a familial atmosphere will promote trust, collaboration, and shared creativity while mitigating the negative aspects of market competition. Ultimately, this approach will result in delivering exceptional value to customers.

In the speech of Will Chen, General Manager of Akuvox’s Intercom Business Unit, he highlighted Akuvox’s commitment to innovation. Akuvox has secured a prominent global standing by obtaining patents for cutting-edge technologies in audio-video communication in weak networks, high-availability intercom cloud systems, and facial recognition solutions. Its smart intercoms have received multiple international design awards, including iF, Red Dot, and Good Design. As Akuvox strives to become the industry leader, the team’s focus on R&D, innovations, openness, aesthetics, and the development of a comprehensive ecosystem and partner network is instrumental in achieving a prominent market share.

Lion Zhang, General Manager of Akuvox’s Smart Home Business Unit, highlighted akubela’s distinctive focus on nurturing family connections. Akuvox and akubela are striving to provide an all-in-one smart living solution that covers community entrances, building entrances, apartment doors, and interior living spaces. It has been only a year since Akuvox launched akubela, and it has achieved remarkable milestones in the smart home sector. This includes launching five smart home control panels and numerous supplementary add-ons, rolling out four subsystems of lighting, entry, climate, and security, and earning recognition as a finalist in the IDEA Awards, one of the top three international design competitions. For the next year, clients and partners will expect to see a new product lineup of its HyPanel Series and new solutions.

This event’s three-day agenda packed with exciting schedules has made a lasting impression on our partners’ minds. One partner commented: “We had the chance to explore and experience some remarkable new akubela products and discovered that there are even more innovations in the pipeline.” Another partner commented: “Akuvox’s partner summit, which has brought together partners from across the globe, was commendable and greatly appreciated by all.”

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