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Akuvox Smart Intercom Is Now Compatible With DIVUS Touch Panels


Xiamen, China, Sept. 22, 2023 - Akuvox, the global leading provider of smart intercom and smart home products and solutions, is thrilled to announce the successful integration of its smart door phones with DIVUS' renowned line of smart touch panels. DIVUS is a pioneer and industry leader in smart touch panels and building automation. 

Akuvox's smart door phones are seamlessly compatible with DIVUS' indoor touch panels. DIVUS, renowned for its pioneering touch panel technology, now has its panels function as indoor intercom stations thanks to the SIP technology and the collaboration with Akuvox. SIP can enhance the communication between the two systems in terms of stability, security and flexibility. In this use case, DIVUS’ touch panels and Akuvox door phones are connected via DIVUS VoIP servers that can transmit encrypted voice and multimedia messages. 


The manifested benefits for end users lie in that this integration provides convenient door access methods and enables users to monitor outdoor situations and grant access with ease. Specifically, as Akuvox door phone and DIVUS touch panels are linked to the same router, they can establish seamless communication between them. Homeowners can easily access the apartment building by using Akuvox door phones’ entry methods such as facial recognition, QR code scanning, or Bluetooth proximity detection. When a visitor wishes to enter, they can initiate a video call on Akuvox door phones to the DIVUS touch panels. Moreover, homeowners are able to gain a clear view of the entrance area at any time to ensure safety. This interoperability enhances the functionality and convenience of both systems, providing users with a unified and user-friendly experience.


Through dedicated efforts, Akuvox has established partnerships with industry leaders such as Control4, ELAN, Tuya, RTI, Genetec, Milestone, Cisco, Siemens, Yale, Uniview and more, solidifying its extensive and influential partner network. As Akuvox encompasses DIVUS into its smart home ecosystem, a vital piece was added to the overall puzzle. This partnership further bolsters DIVUS's smart home solution by infusing it with cutting-edge smart intercom technologies, thus elevating its competitiveness within the industry. With over a decade of expertise in SIP technology, Akuvox delivers top-tier voice and video call quality. It offers a diverse range of advanced door-opening methods and boasts a lineup of stylish entryway devices, several of which have garnered prestigious international industrial design awards. A doubly reinforced smart entry solution emerges from the fusion of Akuvox's advanced intercom technology and DIVUS' industry-leading touch panels.


“This integration amplifies the convenience and security features we can offer to our users. By combining our technologies, we are committed to providing users with a unified and user-friendly experience that enhances their overall quality of living,” said Sonia Zhang, Akuvox's Manager of Strategic Alliance.



DIVUS is a globally operating company, offering innovative building touch panels and complete solutions for automating buildings. DIVUS’ product portfolio, combined with IP-based door intercoms and visualization tools, constitutes a comprehensive system solution for the worldwide KNX standard. DIVUS’ goal is to make the world today and tomorrow more comfortable, economical and ecological.


About Akuvox

Akuvox is a global leading provider of smart intercom and smart home products and solutions. It is committed to unleashing the power of technologies to improve people's lives with better communication, greater security, and more convenience. Encompassing artificial intelligence, SIP, Android, cloud, security, and other advanced technologies, Akuvox continuously drives breakthrough changes in the industry and creatively delivers an unrivaled portfolio of smart intercom and smart home products and solutions. It has been deployed and used daily in more than 110 countries and regions, meeting customer needs in various vertical markets that range from residential to commercial, from healthcare to public safety.