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Step into Tomorrow's Home with AKUBELA: Preview of CEDIA Expo 2023's Smart Home Showcase


akubela, specializing in state-of-the-art smart home solutions, is a smart home brand under the Akuvox company, a leading global provider of smart living technology. akubela is heading to CEDIA Expo 2023 which, featuring promoting excellence in home tech integration and residential electronic systems, is to be held in Denver, USA from Sept. 6-9 this year. 


This time, a richer range of products and solutions is to be unveiled, upgrading akubela’s offerings across all levels. Specifically, akubela’s smart home system now integrates lighting, entry, climate, and security solutions, enriching people’s living experiences with comfort, convenience and security. Let’s take a look at what the four of akubela’s smart home solutions are! 


akubela’s lighting solution incorporates the akubela HyPanel series control panel, touch switch panel, embedded wall switch module, and motion sensor, the latter three of which are connected to the HyPanel series control panel through ZigBee. What can you achieve with them? Primarily, the akubela HyPanel series control panel serves as both control panels and gateways. It can control various types of light fixtures and provides customized light dimming and color tuning combinations for different scenes such as cinema mode and birthday party mode. For smart lights, it connects through Wi-Fi, ZigBee protocol, and Ethernet and non-smart ones through live and neutral wires. The solution enables four control ways— touch screen, button, akubela’s BelaHome APP, and voice. The lighting control system is also designed to integrate with door locks, smart intercoms, and motion sensors, to create diverse scenarios of arriving home, leaving home, sleeping and guarding, among others. For example, if the motion sensor senses someone sneaking in, all the lights can flick on to deter the intruder. Likewise, lights automatically switch off when detecting no human presence.


The entry solution of akubela consists of two parts, the akubela HyPanel series control panel, and the smart video intercom. The HyPanel series doubles as a smart indoor intercom and pairs with a door phone, so users can see and talk to visitors and provide access remotely. The smart video intercom system adopts new technologies in AI, SIP, Android, cloud computing, and security. It supports various door-opening methods such as Bluetooth, facial recognition, QR codes, and mobile apps. With Akuvox’s professionalism in SIP for more than a decade, it also enables HD audio and video calls. The HyPanel series is capable of connecting smart devices through both wired and wireless methods. For instance, it can control the entryway and porch lights through live and neutral wires and integrate with other smart devices via ZigBee. 


The climate solution integrates the akubela HyPanel series control panel, smart curtain motor, thermostat and valve controller, air quality monitor and temperature-humidity sensor. Using the HyPanel series panels, users can configure automation scenarios that prompt personalized climate adjustments in response to specific events. In the climate control solution, two types of HVAC controls are provided. One is through the fan coil version of HyPanel products, the other is through their built-in IR or an external IR controller connected to them. In all, this solution helps users enhance comfort and health by monitoring and adjusting indoor climate as well as contributes to energy efficiency. 

Last comes the security solution. It integrates the akubela HyPanel series control panel, valve controller, emergency call button, smart sensor and security camera. The solution empowers users to tailor security rules to their specific requirements and designate any security sensor as a trigger. The moment any unusual activity arises, the system promptly dispatches alerts to akubela’s BelaHome App, the HyPanel series, and even property devices, eliminating disasters at the very outset. During emergencies, its one-tap call feature allows users to request assistance swiftly and readily. In addition, the one-press solution—effortlessly enabling or disabling your home security system with a single tap, adds more convenience. 


What's the key to achieving the outstanding performance across our four solutions? The answer resides in the "brain" — the HyPanel series. The HyPanel series isn't just a visual delight – it's a powerhouse of connectivity with ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth, live and neutral wires, and Ethernet. Users can effortlessly manage the lighting, entry, climate, and security systems, and more, all from this central hub. With the fusion of various systems, e.g., a ZigBee gateway, power switch, dimming panel, sensor, and intercom unit, into a single device, the HyPanel series offers a glimpse into the possibilities that await within your smart home. The HyPanel family has five members: HyPanel Lux, HyPanel Plus, HyPanel, HyPanel Lite, and HyPanel Pro. Among them, the HyPanel Lux sets itself apart with its luxurious design, featuring a rotating knob and a sleek interface. At CEDIA Expo this year, four exquisite colors will be showcased at the exhibition, they are silver, gold, green, and black. 


akubela, with a unique focus on fostering family connections, communication, security, and sustainability, is working to deliver further surprises to our valued customers – stay tuned for what's to come!


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