Security & Compliance

Vulnerability Disclosure

Vulnerability Handling and Disclosure Process

Akuvox supports responsible vulnerability disclosure and handling processes and respect the research results of every security researcher. Before Akuvox releases formal security recommendations, please keep the vulnerability details confidential in order to protect users of our products and solutions.

The vulnerability handling process consists of the following five steps at Akuvox.


1.The ASRC adopts the CVSSv3.1 standard and gives a basic score (Base Score) and a temporary score (Temporal Score) for each security vulnerability.
2.For details of the CVSSv3.1 standard, please refer to the following link:
3.The ASRC uses CVE (Common Vulnerability and Exposures) to refer to vulnerability information outside the Akuvox vulnerability disclosure website.

Security Notification

ID Summary Update

Report a Vulnerability

If you are a security researcher and believe you have discovered a vulnerability, we encourage you to report it to us by writing to or filling the following form.

*In order to protect users of our products and solutions, we hope you do not disclose or disseminate vulnerabilities before they are fixed.
*Due to the sensitivity of vulnerability information, we strongly recommend that you use our PGP public key.

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