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Akuvox's training and certification system is divided into three levels of certification with well-designed courses and tests for each level, ranging from intercom basics to comprehensive system knowhow.
  • Akuvox Certified Intercom Associate (ACIA) is aimed at equipping you with the basic industry knowledge, such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the network setup, and the basic configuration and usage of Akuvox intercom products. Acquiring the ACIA certificate will get you off to a highly successful start as an Akuvox engineer.

  • Akuvox Certified Intercom Professional (ACIP) is designed to help you fully master the advanced configuration and usage of Akuvox intercom products and system setup and maintenance. By successfully passing the certification test at this level means that you have built a complete understanding our products and solution.

  • Akuvox Certified Intercom Expert (ACIE) will take you through the real-world application and solution design of Akuvox success stories in details. This advanced course will equip you with the industry’s best practices, which you can flexibly apply to your future projects.

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