Certified Akuvox Partner Program (CAP)

Akuvox is determined to get our partners to be successful, which is the only measure to evaluate Akuvox's success. This partnership program is designed to foster mutual success and reward our partners' investment in the sale of our products.

Program Overview

The Akuvox Partner Program is aimed exclusively at specialized resellers, and as our partner, you will get a number of benefits to get you off to a highly successful start with minimal requirements. Akuvox will support you with valuable, practical support, attractive terms and conditions for your sales activities at any stage.

Following successfully completing training on AKUVOX products and achieving certification, AKUVOX will hereby appoint AKUVOX Partners as a ‘Certified Akuvox Partner’ (CAP). Depending on the sales volume in accordance with the CAP, you will be rewarded with the Partner level of Authorized, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Partner Requirements

  • Registration in Akuvox CAP programme

  • Buying from Akuvox Distributor

  • Subscription to Akuvox newsletter(free)

  • Completing Akuvox Certified Enginner Program(free)

  • Capability to Conduct Akuvox SlaaS(Smart Intercom as a Service)

  • Akuvox Certified Engineer(s)

  • Onsite installations and First level support

  • Stocking of Demo and Training Kit

  • Volume Deal Registration

  • Revenue Commitment

  • Yearly Business Plan

Akuvox Authorized Partner
Akuvox Silver Partner
Akuvox Gold Partner
Akuvox Platinum Partner

Partner Benefits


  • Exclusive Sales & Product News

  • Full access to Akuvox marketing library with rich support materials

  • Invitation to Akuvox Events

  • Co-Marketing Opportunities

  • Project Registration and Protecting

  • Special Project based support (Pricing, Customized development etc.)

  • Customer lead forwarding

  • Priority to have product delivered from Akuvox Distributor

  • Rebate opportunity

  • Sharing Subscription fee from Akuvox SlaaS (Smart Intercom as a Serivce)


  • Full access to Akuvox e-learning system

  • Training on-line

  • Training at Akuvox Distributor's Premises or at Premises Akuvox hosted

  • Training at Partner's premises

  • Priority replies from Akuvox online Ticketing System

  • Proof-of-concept Support

  • Direct R&D Support

  • Use of Akuvox Experience Center and HQ for end customer visiting and event

Akuvox Authorized Partner
Akuvox Silver Partner
Akuvox Gold Partner
Akuvox Platinum Partner

1. In case, in which territories where Akuvox has no authorized distributor(s) or Akuvox has no plan to setup authorized distributor(s), Akuvox will supply the product and service directly to the partner.
2. Actual price will be determined together by Akuvox and your distributor.
3. Akuvox supports distributors with rebates to PARTNERS.

Become an Akuvox Partner Now!

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