Akuvox Smart Office Intercom Solution

All-in-one cloud-based solution combining intercom, access control, mobile app, elevator control, business communication, and remote management.

Solution Overview

Solution Capabilities

All-in-one Remote Management Reduces Operational Costs

One of the significant challenges for installers or system integrators when implementing a project is time-consuming site visits during deployment and high maintenance costs afterward. With Akuvox's cloud-based solution, everything from batch configuration to access permission management can be achieved from the PC.

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Powerful App with Smart Unlocking Ways Enhances Employee Satisfaction

Mobile control and touchless access are becoming the norm in the workplace. Akuvox's intuitive cloud-based app, which controls both intercoms and access control terminals, offers various smart door unlocking options. And Akuvox's tech-forward door phones and access control terminals support various non-contact credentials.

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Seamless Integration with Other Systems in the Smart Office Scenarios

Akuvox builds its products and solutions based on open-platform technologies like SIP, Android, AI, LTE connectivity, and cloud. So Akuvox's smart systems can work with a broad range of external smart office systems and software in the field like telephony and unified communications and boast a solid ability to scale with future innovation.

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All-in-one Remote Management Reduces Operational Costs

Cloud-based, Akuvox's smart access solution allows remote management of intercoms, access control, and elevator controllers of multiple buildings across different sites from one portal.

Effortless Deployment

With everything on the cloud, deploying a smart office access solution takes less time and effort.

  • Creation of multiple projects
  • Batch configuration
  • Built-in SIP server
  • Automatic system upgrade

Efficient Building Management

Remote management reduces the total cost of ownership for property managers or building operators.

  • Delegate visitor management responsibilities to tenant companies
  • Manage access rights, time zones, and user data
  • Access time- and date- stamped photos of all door entry and call logs
  • Send building announcements to tenants in bulk
  • Receive system alerts

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Powerful App with Smart Unlocking Ways Enhances Employee Satisfaction

Akuvox's SmartPlus App and touchless access control methods bring super convenience to employees and boost their productivity.

Powerful App with Smart Unlocking Ways

SmartPlus features time-limited QR code key creation, unlocking via Bluetooth, tap to unlock, NFC, and remote door opening anywhere as well as video monitoring and event logs record.

Smart App for Easy Visitor Management

SmartPlus supports the creation of temporary QR code keys, which visitors can use to gain access to buildings.

Tech-forward Door Phones

Typically installed at building entrances or parking lots, Akuvox's SIP video door phones bring super convenience to employees by offering up to seven door unlocking methods.

  • Face recognition
  • NFC
  • Mobile app
  • QR code
  • Bluetooth
  • Card
  • PIN code

Note: Face recognition, QR code, and PIN code are for R29C only. Bluetooth is for R29C and E12 only.

Compact and Stylish Access Control Terminals

Compact and stylish, Akuvox's IP-based access control terminals are usually used at office doors. Supporting Wiegand, they can be easily integrated with existing access control and time-attendance systems.

  • Door controller and card reader in one device
  • Support face, RFID (13.56MHz & 125KHz), NFC, and PIN
  • Capacity: 20,000 cards and 100,000 event logs

Note: Face recognition is for A05 only. PlN code is for A02 only.

Reference Project

Class-A office buildings incorporated smart intercoms into existing Honeywell access control systems

The Integration was realized via the door phone's RS485 and Wiegand ports. Authentication data are transferred from the intercom to the Honeywell access controller already in place for granting door entry.

Seamless Integration with Other Systems in the Smart Office Scenarios

Based on open-platform technologies like SIP, Android, AI, LTE connectivity, and cloud, Akuvox's smart office solutions can work with a broad range of external smart office and building systems.

Seamless Integration with 3rd-party Systems

Akuvox's products and solutions can integrate with 3rd-party systems to create smarter solutions that meet ever-increasing security and convenience needs in the workplace.

  • Telephony system (PBX, e.g. Broadsoft, 3CX and lP phone, e.g. Yealink)
  • Unified communications, e.g. Microsoft Teams via CyberGate
  • Video management system/CCTV, e.g. Milestone
  • Access control system, e.g. Honeywell, Siemens, Vanderbilt

Intercom and Elevator Integration

Akuvox's EC32 elevator controller can be linked to Akuvox's door phones to enhance building security. After visitors gain building entry, elevators will be summoned for them with only a designated floor number unlocked.

  • 32 floors control
  • Optional extension to 64 floors
  • Standard 10m/100mbps communication
Reference Project

Commercial real estate developers chose Akuvox to enhance the property value

Developers maintain their competitive advantages and attract high-quality tenants by future-proofing their assets with cutting-edge cloud-based apps and management.

High Cybersecurity


  • The solution strictly complies with GDPR requirements
  • ISO 27001 is adopted during product development, production, and management

Data Transmission

  • AES256 data encryption
  • HTTPS encryption and digest authentication methods

Data Storage

  • Anti-DDoS system and anti-trojan automatic virus scanning technologies
  • Daily backup of user data and data storage on different hosts
  • Irrevocable deletion of user data upon users' cancellation of their app account

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