Akuvox Smart Intercom Integrates with Loxone Smart Home System in Czech's Fragment Apartments

The Situation

The contemporary Fragment apartment complex in Karlín has 140 fully furnished rental apartments. It required a secure and reliable intercom system to manage access control and indoor communication. Developed by Trigema, the architectural design of the complex features spaced-out blocks, creating a fusion of artistry and functionality. The challenge was to integrate a modern, art-inspired aesthetic with a robust and open smart intercom system to facilitate complete building automation.

The Solution

Akuvox responded by deploying a seamless intercom system consisting of the X915 Smart Door Phone installed at each building gate, the X933 Smart Indoor Monitor at each apartment, the A01 Access Control Terminal at each apartment entrance door and other entry points of communal areas, and the R20A at the garage gates. The X915 and X933 constitute an advanced video intercom system, facilitating smart and quality communication seamlessly from the apartment building gates to the interior tenants’ rooms. Their high-end and sophisticated design aligns with the Fragment apartment complex in terms of its exterior and interior aesthetics. Notably, the X933 boasts high openness, making the integration with the designated Loxone smart home system straightforward. The R20A facilitates intercom functionality specifically for garage gates, while the A01 serves as an access control solution for apartment doors.

Product Industrial Design Harmonized with the Architecture Design Art
The X915 is an 8-inch smart Android door phone that has been honored by three design awards, namely the Germany iF Design Award, Contemporary Good Design Award, and Smart Product Award. The X933 is a smart indoor monitor featuring a luxury Italian industrial design. These devices with award-winning and industry-level design can naturally blend with the modern and artistic architecture of the Fragment apartment complex, achieving a harmonious fusion of technology and fashion. The A01, with its compact and minimalist block design, further contributes to the overall aesthetic.

Complete and Powerful Access Control with Various Door Entry Methods
The X915 and A01 form a powerful smart access control system. The A01 acts as a smart access control terminal for the entry points in the building including apartment entry doors. It combines a door controller and card reader in one device and supports RFID card reading and mobile NFC reading. On the other hand, the X915 accommodates facial recognition, card access, PIN entry, Bluetooth connectivity, and QR code scanning. The X915 and A01 together offer a diverse range of door entry options catering to various age groups. Furthermore, the X915 and A01 boast IP65 ratings, and the X915 holds an IK10 rating, ensuring robustness and longevity.

An Open System for Easy Integration with Third-Party Systems
The apartment already has installed a third-party smart home system, yet it lacks an advanced intercom system to provide smart access control and smart central control. The X933, as a smart Android indoor monitor, allows easy integration with the Loxone smart home system, providing users with access to both intercom and smart home features from a single screen. The Loxone smart home system integrates seamlessly with the X933 smart indoor monitor through a dedicated app. This transforms the X933 into a dual-function device, serving as both a smart indoor monitor and a centralized control panel. Residents gain the ability to manage various smart home features, including heating, shading, lighting, ventilation, and energy usage, all through this consolidated interface.

The Results

The aesthetic design of Akuvox’s products enhances the high-end and high-tech positioning of the Fragment apartments, and the openness of Akuvox’s systems enables the Akuvox smart intercom system to work seamlessly with the Loxone smart home system. This synergy not only adds intrinsic value to the project but also enhances the overall living experience for residents by providing a streamlined and sophisticated smart intercom and access control system. “Users are satisfied with the good quality and luxurious design of the Akuvox products,” the client remarked, “and the apartment buildings are now safely guarded and controlled.”

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