Smart Intercom Brings Security and Telecare to Older Adults' Homes in Central Bedfordshire of the UK

The Situation

All Saints View is an independent living program of the Central Bedfordshire Council for people aged 55 and over, which includes 168 one and two-bedroom apartments. It is part of a bigger plan to make sure there is right housing available for older residents to live in their own homes with access to support and care when needed. The client specified a requirement for a state-of-the-art door intercom and door answering interface, which would support various concierge services as well as emergency telecare calling for later life and limited mobility residents.

The Solution

The Akuvox R29C Face Recognition Door Intercom was chosen for its luxury design and tech-forward door entry methods. Akuvox's intuitive Android indoor monitors, the 10-inch C317 and the 7-inch C315, are located in each resident's apartment or throughout communal areas of the property.

The R29C smart door intercom helps older adults live more securely and conveniently. Located at the property's external main entrances, it provides easy access control and remote intercom services for residents, staff, and visitors. There is a range of identity authentication methods available to older individuals, such as face recognition, access cards, and PIN codes. In particular, contactless face recognition is a straightforward and effective option for less-abled and less-technically-inclined users.

Care for residents' later life and limited mobility residents is taken into consideration. Featuring high system openness, the C315 Android indoor monitors seamlessly integrate telecare pendants provided to all residents. The integration allows residents to make emergency calls anywhere on the property via the pendant. When pressed in an emergency, it will alert the onsite concierge team or a specified emergency contact so that they can respond to the situation timely.

The Results

Akuvox's smart intercom solution stands in line with the high-end positioning of All Saints View both in terms of design and function. It brings security, safety, and convenience to the residents. And its ability to integrate with telecare systems also helps improve the care quality for older individuals.

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