The new normal brought by COVID-19 has prompted people to rethink the design and use of building access in order to protect residents and communities, staff and businesses, the public and public facilities. Akuvox’s smart intercom solutions help safeguard people’s safety and health while maintaining building operation efficiency during the pandemic and beyond.

How It Works

Watch the video to find out how Akuvox’s smart intercom solutions control building access and ensure regulation compliance.

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Solution Highlights

The First Line of Defense against Infectious Diseases

The system automatically screens staff, residents, customers and visitors for high temperatures and mask wearing with real-time UI display and clear voice prompts.

Instant Fever Alerts

When abnormal temperatures are detected, building managers will receive an alarm call on their phones or a fever alert on Akuvox’s SmartPlus mobile app.

No Additional Operation Costs

The system works automatically with no human intervention required, which saves additional labor costs and ensures a smooth flow of people.

Helping Safeguard People’s
Health with Touchless Entry

An intercom, which has been touched
thousands of times before? With touchless
entry and voice control, people will have one less
potentially contaminated object to
touch and more peace of mind.

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Easy Installation

Suitable for indoor installations, which only require a network cable and a door strike to work and support on-wall, desktop, floor-stand or turnstile methods.

High Flexibility

The workflow of temperature measurement, mask detection, intercom and access can be flexibly defined depending on varying application requirements, and the system can be easily integrated with 3rd-party management systems.

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  • A05S Face Recognition Access Control Terminal

    Display: 5-inch, non-touchscreen
    Two-way communication: not available
    Temperature module: forehead or wrist
    Main applications: large throughput sites
  • E16C Face Recognition Door Phone

    Display: 5-inch, touchscreen
    Two-way communication: support
    Temperature module: forehead or wrist
    Main applications: large throughput sites
  • R29C-B Face Recognition Android Door Phone

    Display: 7-inch, touchscreen
    Two-way communication: support
    Temperature module: forehead
    Main applications: high-end buildings

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