Welcome to register for Akuvox Year-end Event 2020!

What a year it has been! "Stay Healthy, Stay Safe" has been a common theme for people of the world. We practice social distancing; we adapt to the new normal quickly; and we stay positive and keep developing. As 2020 is coming to an end, we want to celebrate our tenacity, our optimism, and our health during this challenging time.

Join us for our special virtual year-end event on December 8th 2020! We have prepared for you "four best's" with a unique touch of Chinese culture!

Best Products

Our team have never stopped innovating in the midst of challenges this year. Four brand-new products will be unveiled, and you get the chance to be the firsts to try new products by placing presale orders.

Best Partners

Our Partner of the Year Award will go online this year! Our CEO, Michael Yuan, will present the award, and our best players will share their best practices of keeping up business growth during pandemics.

Best Deals

We want to show our support to you in times of difficulty. Six Akuvox product models will be put on flash sales with hefty discounts, which will be brought to you by your very Akuvox sales managers.

Best Wishes

Akuvox care about you as a friend as much as we care about you as a business partner. We will wrap up the event with Chinese-style surprises to make your day.

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Event Rules

1. In the "Best Products" session, presale orders can be placed through the event chat box by participating Akuvox distributors, CAPs and resellers. However, because the presale quantity of the new products is limited, the orders will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

2. In the "Best Deals" session, the flash sales discount will be only applicable to orders placed through the event chat box by participating Akuvox distributors, CAPs and resellers. For any additional quantity after the event, the discount will not be applicable.

3. For all orders placed, Akuvox sales reps. will contact you to confirm your orders. For Akuvox distributors, Akuvox will fulfill their orders directly. For Akuvox CAPs and resellers, their local Akuvox distributors will fulfill their orders, and Akuvox will bear the discount.

4.Akuvox reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.