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Office Building

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Akuvox’s office intercom solution equips office buildings inside out, enhancing workplace security, reducing management cost and eventually creating a peaceful and convenient working environment.


Hassle-free Deployment

The physical connection is very simple. A PoE switch is enough if you use IP direct call for inter-communication, whilst via SIP servers, the intercom system offers abundant features, such as call forward and call transfer.


Dual Function of Business Communication and Intercom

The Android video IP phone in the office and the mobile softphone not only function as phone system for daily business communications, but also serve as intercom endpoints, capable of answering calls from door phones and remote door unlocking. The mobile app also offers great mobility for office work, making sure you will never miss a customer.


Flexible Door Entry Control 

Akuvox smart building intercom system saves the need of a receptionist. The smart intercom at the lobby entrance offers multiple methods of door entry, including cutting-edge facial recognition, RF cards and private keys. And visitors can intuitively search the digital building directory on the lobby door phone and ring up the company to visit.


Easy Integration

One of the greatest advantages of Akuvox smart intercom is its ease of integration. The lobby door intercom is capable of working with external digital systems, such as 3rd-party IP cameras and lift control. And the SIP intercom at office front door is also possible for connecting with time attendance system.


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