Akuvox Smart LTE Door Phone + SmartPlus App
=Quick and Cost-effective Intercom Retrofitting Solution

Minimum Door Phone
Installation Effort

LTE-enabled, R29C-L only requires power and door strike to install, eliminationg the need to run expensive wiring.

No Need for Indoor Monitors

The Akuvox SmartPlus App, a smart cloud-based intercom app, allows residents to open doors from their smartphones and eliminates the hassle and cost of installing indoor monitors for each apartment.

Manage Multi-site Property Access in One Place

Tasks like managing access permissions, updating tenant directory and auditing door release logs can be remotely carried out from a web portal.

Enhance Building Entry Experience

Offering tech-forward property access methods and featuring a stylish touchscreen door phone, Akuvox’s smart intercom retrofitting solution enhances the building entry experience and increases the value of properties.

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More about
the LTE Features

Support All LTE Networks

Supporting all LTE networks, R29C-L can adapt to mainstream telecom operators worldwide.

Real-time Monitoring of Data Usage

R29C-L allows users to keep track of the data balance remotely from PCs and get notified when the data usage reaches the specified level.

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