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Akuvox Launches Its New Flagship Door Phone X912 for High-end Residential Market

Jan 11.2022

Xiamen, China-January 11, 2022-Akuvox, the global leading provider of smart intercom products and solutions, has launched its new flagship door phone X912 for high-end residential market.


Akuvox X912 is the latest addition to the Akuvox X series door phone. With built-to-last materials, robustness for any outdoor environments, exceptional audiovisual quality, tech-forward access control, and stylish design, X912 is a world-class smart door phone that offers top-of-the-line features.


The design of X912 follows the principle of simplicity. The clear-cut rectangular outline, calm brushed metal color, and sensitive touch keypad gives X912 a sense of rationality and modernity. The UI design adopts a flat, minimalist style, highlighting functions with bright colors and making the interface more concise. Though it offers multiple access options including cards, PIN codes, face recognition, Bluetooth, QR code, etc, X912 still follows a minimalist, all-in-one design.


Like other door phones of X series, X912 has dual cameras, of which the main camera is a starlight one. The starlight technology makes sure residents or tenants see what's at the front door clearly and in vivid colors even under dim ambient light conditions. In addition, X912 adopts two omnidirectional MEMS microphones and a front speaker design to pick up everything that is in front of its microphone, including what's surrounding it. This allows users to enjoy supreme audio and video communication.


For access control, it is worth addressing that Akuvox X912 applies the latest innovative door unlocking via Bluetooth, so users can just walk up to the door to gain entry with the mobile in their pocket or bag. The whole process is fast and seamless, users dont even have to lift a finger.


Mini sized, with mega power. Akuvox X912 smart door phone is a compact yet powerful door phone for high-end buildings. “We choose the best material and apply the most cutting-edge technologies on X912. After more than a thousand times of tests, we present what you see now, and we believe it will be the first choice for forward-looking developers for many years to come. ” Said Product Director of Akuvox, Terry Shi.


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