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Akuvox Launches Smart Access Control Series for the Office and Residential Markets

Feb 16.2022

Xiamen, China-February 16, 2022-Akuvox, the global leading provider of smart intercom products and solutions, has launched the all-new smart access control series including  access control terminals A01, A02, A03, A05, and a door controller A092 for both residential and commercial markets.


Akuvox A01, A02, A03 are control terminals that support traditional PIN code(A02 only) or RFID card authentication and mobile access technology; Akuvox A05, with a 5-inch touchscreen and dual cameras, it supports flexible authentication including face recognition, NFC, QR code, RFID cards, and mobile app. Akuvox A092 is a 2 door controller that provides the advantages of access control of two doors over a centralized system. All together, the access control series meet users needs in diverse application scenarios.

Akuvox A01, A02, A03 and A05 are IP-based access control terminals that combine the door controller and card reader in one device. With the built-in controller, building operators dont have to deploy additional door controllers, which saves much costs and makes installation work much faster and easier.


For management, the access control terminals and door controller can all securely communicate with the web interface, the Akuvox ACMS software, and the Akuvox SmartPlus mobile application, which greatly help reduce the total cost of ownership for property managers or building operators.


Based on open-platform technologies, the Akuvox access control series can work with a broad range of external systems such as elevator, time-attendance systems, telephony systems and video management systems.


The launch of our access control series will play an important role in our solution offering in addition to our current intercom solution, and will help our partners win more projects in the future.” Said Akuvox product manager, Jalen Lai.


Together with the current Akuvox intercom products, the Akuvox access control series create the most seamless and connected access control experience on the market.


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