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Akuvox Intercoms Interoperable with BroadSoft!

Nov 10.2017

Akuvox is delighted to announce that its SIP-based devices have formally completed interoperability testing by BroadSoft with the BroadWorks SIP interface. This exhilarating and uplifting result gives strong evidence to the SIP signaling competence of Akuvox VoIP products. 
The interoperability test completion covers basically all Akuvox’s door phones, indoor monitors, emergency intercoms and IP phones, including specific models of R29, R27, R26, R23, IT82, IT81, IT80, E21, VP-R48G, VP-R47G, VP-R47P, VP-R49P, SP-R67G, SP-R63G, SP-R59G, SP-R59P, SP-R55G, SP-R55P, SP-R53P, SP-R52P and SP-R50P as well as their subsequent compatible maintenance releases.
Spurred by this success, Akuvox will continue to harness the synergy of SIP and Android to build smart intercom solutions that offer exceptional user experience, elaborate technological convergence and easy customization and personalization.