Smart Intercom as a Service

Smartphone-based building access offers greater security,
more convenience and higher cost-effectiveness.

What is Smart Intercom as a Service (SIaaS)?

Akuvox Smart Intercom is now available as a service. A diverse selection of smart doorphones that fit for different scenarios, a mobile intercom APP-SmartPlus, a powerful property management portal, are all designed to deliver unparalleled smart intercom service which is managed, provisioned and monitored via Akuvox Cloud. These creative approaches have led to the brand new concept of "Smart Intercom as a Service (SIaaS)".

How It Works


  • Michal Parkos jr.


    "The feedback we received so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Everything works as it should and customers really like the SmartPlus app. We haven't had any complaints so far. It's easy to use, the management is complex enough for everyday user and the app features like the NFC unlock or remote unlock, video, etc., is what customers really enjoy."

  • Andreas Burghardt


    "The Akuvox Cloud Solution is a very powerful but simple concept using the Intercom Products efficient with less configuration and many benefits for our customers. Also remote services and firmware updates are included providing best the possible control and services. Features are just on the right level to add comfort for every days use."

  • Tony


    "Akuvox Cloud can realize remote audio, video calling, unlocking and monitoring on mobile apps, more provide good mobility and convenience for end users. Akuvox Cloud the management server is deployed in the cloud and does not require additional physical machines to reduce operation and maintenance costs."

  • Q.Yao


    "Akuvox Cloud will be able to achieve remote monitoring and allow browsing log information of the gate/door status on the mobile apps. It provides a good mobility and convenience for the end users. The Management server of the Akuvox Cloud is deployed in the cloud, which does not require addition physical machines to reduce operation and maintenance costs."

  • Celal


    "We have been using Akuvox Cloud since the beginning of the year very commonly and have deployed over 300 clients to the cloud. Since the servers in Europe is up, the connection and the performance is very good. The customers that are using it is very happy and glad to use it. They are experiencing a "true" cloud experience. The features provided with the Akuvox cloud such as call-forwarding, remote door opening, remote alarm control, remote video monitoring and call logs is very much appreciated. Since there is no such "true" cloud intercom system in our region, we are now future technology driver in the market."

  • Ahmet Aydoğdu


    "With Akuvox Cloud system, we will very relieved about the security of our home. Moreover, when we are out of home, we will the proud of today’s technology with the call forwarding feature."

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